Login Authentication Failed Innovator 12

Hello Everyone,  I am new to Innovator, but am very eager to get up and running. I am in the process of setting up a development database of innovator.  I have a Windows 10 Pro machine with a fresh install of SQL server 2017 express. I have installed Innovator 12 on top of that. I configured SQL to allow mixed authentication. When I go to login in for the first time, I get the aras innovator splash screen, but when I type in the default admin credentials described in the installer guide, I get failed login. It appears as though the credentials are invalid. So, then I attempt to use the db owner credentials that I made at setup, that gives me the same error. When I go to SSMS, I will login using the db owner credentials, and I can successfully login to the SQL server. For some reason, I cannot get a successful login from the main screen in innovator. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!