SUPPORT Express ECO and part lifecycle

Hi all,

I have create a new ECO to release a new part, the part is an assembly so that part has a BOM I want to release all child parts also. I created the ECO and then set "release" as item action for the top part of the BOM, nothing for childs. 

I thought that also the child parts were also released but not. I need to put the Item action also for all childs?

This is the funal result:

  • Hi Laura,

    what you see is default behavior. What you want to achieve requires a change in the "Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid" Method. I do not have a sample for this specific use case, but maybe this hints help: (or at least gives you an impression of the amount of work you will face).

    You have to extend the ActionBase.prototype.ChangeRelatedAffectedItem part of the code. You can add your code at the end of this code block, just before  impactGrid.refreshGridWithTimout();

    Check if your selected Item has a BOM with not released Parts. Consider that you may need a multilevel query. Than create new Affected Items with a regular "add" AML query (use ActionBase.prototype.addNewRelatedAffectedItem as possible sample).

    Good luck