how to get your item managed by a chosen value in a list

I am new in Aras , i have been trying hard to figure out how to get this think done.

My ItemType has a list (domain) of String values (A,B,C..), and i want my item be managed by this list. 

So means when a user create an item and choose A as value in the list , the item should be managed (get, update and promote) just by a

specific users (toto, tata ..) and if he choose B for exemple the item should be managed by other users (titi ..), and the same think for the value C,

the item will be managed by other users (user1, user2 ..) ...

Note that all those users are in the same identity (group1).

  • Hello,

    There are two special identities that exist inside of Aras Innovator to satisfy just this use case: Owner and Manager. These identities map to two properties on the item which are owned_by_id and managed_by_id respectively. You can update the Permission on your item to include access for the Owner and Manager and those permissions will be applied to whatever Identity is set as the owned_by_id or managed_by_id.

    You can see an example of this in place under the New Part permission on the standard Part ItemType.


  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion, you are absolutely right as we have used the managed_by_id identitie and applied a

    method in Form Event that manage my item based on a list with the help of managed_by_id identitie. It works perfectly fine.