How to avoid wrong revision used in MPP?

Hi Community,

there is a known issue in MPP that the application will not check if the MBOM uses the same Part revisions as specified in the EBOM. The EBOM/MOBM mainly validates quantities, but never checks if the used parts revision matches.

The missing revision check is a high risk. We cannot trust the MBOM data if in certain cases they will not match the original values specified in the EBOM. In worst case, this can lead to serious problems in the final product. How shall we fully track our product lifecycle, when we have wrong data?

Unfortunately MPP is not in the focus of Aras right now. So I do not assume there will be much development in this application. I wonder if it´s possible to add the revision check on our own?  Maybe we can customize the Method mpp_GetBomTreeGrid to add an additional MBOM validation. Or a simple onBeforeAdd Method when adding Consumed Parts to Operations, that checks if the Part exactly matches the Part specified in the EBOM. The second idea is probably easier to do, but we have to consider that we may have a multilevel EBOM.

Do you have any additional ideas? I would be happy to share my solution as soon as I have one, as this one constantly make me worry.

  • Hi,

    I'm intersted on the MPP module and would definitely get some information from Aras on this (or from the community of course).

    Best Regards,

    Sacha Bertschi

  • Hi Sacha,

    unfortunately MPP has only low priority for Aras. The roadmap is mainly driven by a few target customers, who don´t use Innovator as main PLM suite. So we will not see any improvements in MPP in the near future.

    The MBOM/EBOM conversion in MPP works fine. That´s the good part of the app. But I wouldn´t recommend people to use the ProcessPlan editor. You have to spend a lot of time to make things working and it´s still hard to use for the end user. For example one big problem is the way images are handled. When you use the default configuration already small amount of images in your ProcessPlan can lead to a server breakdown (no I am not kidding). It´s not a question if you get performance problem, only the question when. So you have to fix a lot of elementary stuff first. MPP could be a very cool and powerful application. But right now - it just isn´t.