Create ASP.NET MVC for Aras

I use code below for ASP.NET MVC. I get property "item_number", but I check in/out to change data in Aras Innovator. I get again in ASP.NET MVC, value not change. Please to help me.


1st: item_number = "D-00001" => partNumber = "D-00001"

2nd: item_number = "D-00021"  => partNumber = "D-00001"


using Aras.IOM;

String url = "">myserver/.../InnovatorServer.aspx";
String db = "MyDB";
String user = "admin";
String password = "innovator";
HttpServerConnection conn =
IomFactory.CreateHttpServerConnection( url, db, user, password );
Item login_result = conn.Login();
if( login_result.isError() )
throw new Exception("Login failed");
Innovator inn = IomFactory.CreateInnovator( conn );

Item qryItem = inn.newItem();
qryItem = inn.newItem("Part", "get");
qryItem.setAttribute("select", "item_number, id");

Item results = qryItem.apply();

String partNumber = results.getProperty("item_number");

  • Hi Henry,

    There doesn't seem to be a problem with the code that you posted so long as the ID you're passing in via qryItem.setID(myId); is being updated to point to your second part. How is the data inside of Innovator being updated? Is it possible that this application is running before the changes are saved to the database?


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer