Workflow map opening problem


I explore free version of Aras.

Facing problem with opening any of default workflow maps and same behaviour when I create new one. There is progress circle animating infinitely and nothing is displayed.

Could you give any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    This sounds like an issue we've seen before when opening workflow maps within the Chrome browser. If you're only seeing this issue in Chrome and you're using either 11.0 SP11 or 11.0 SP12, you resolve this issue by applying the hotfix linked below.

    Hotfix062277 (11.0 SP12) - 11.0 SP12 is the currently available public release

    Hotfix062277 (11.0 SP11)

    If this hotfix doesn't resolve the behavior you're seeing, let us know what browser you're using when you see this behavior.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • I just realized the patch doesn't seem to have installation instructions. You can follow the steps below to apply this hotfix to your environment.


    1. Download the Package Import/Export Utilities

    2. Unzip this package and navigate to the \PackageImportExportUtilities\Import\ folder

    3. Run import.exe to open the tool

    4. Follow the import process in this blog post to apply the package to your database

    - Note: The manifest (.mf) file you'll use can be found in the \Imports\ folder of the hotfix.


    1. Copy the \Innovator\ folder from the hotfix

    2. Navigate to the installation directory of your Aras Innovator instance (C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\ by default)

    - Note:This should be the folder that contains the InnovatorServerConfig.xml 

    3. Paste the \Innovator\ folder into this directory to apply the change

    4. Accept any file changes made by this hotfix

    After following the steps above, you will also need to let Innovator know to pull the latest copy of the files from the codetree. You can do this in one of two ways.

    1. Clear your browser cache (in Chrome you can use Ctrl+Shift+Del to open this window)

    2. Update the filesRevision tag in the codetree

    a. From your install directory, open the \Innovator\Client\web.config in a text editor

    b. Locate the <cachingModule> near the bottom of the file

    c. Increment the value of the filesRevision attribute

    - std->2->3->4->etc.


  • About the increments part, when I add this i get a runtime error when trying to access the localhost. Must I copy that directly into the caching module like "std->2->3->4" 

  • Hi Duncan,

    The value of the filesRevision attribute should only ever be std or a number. If this is the first time you're modifying the value, the tag will change from

    <cachingModule moduleEnabled="true" filesRevision="std" />


    <cachingModule moduleEnabled="true" filesRevision="2" />

    Subsequent changes should then increment this value by one.

    <cachingModule moduleEnabled="true" filesRevision="3" />
    <cachingModule moduleEnabled="true" filesRevision="4" />

    I hope this helps!