How to roll-up cycle times and costs of MBOM in Aras MPP Process Plans?

At the moment, we can add cycle times and setup times to operations, and cycle times to steps. But this information does not display anywhere once entered. That is fine, but at least if there was the ability to roll-up the cycle times of all the operations in the Process plan, taht would be great. Has anybody attempted this on their isntances?

On a similar vein, the phantoms and MBOM only parts consumed have costs associated with them (for ex. I intend to have 'Material' category parts in the MBOM (we use polyureethanes for casting) as the quantity and hence the cost of the material is a process parameter and not an EBOM item. Is there any way to roll-up the 'MBOM cost'? Would appreciate if anybody could point me in the direction of how to set this up



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