how to prevent the related item being updated to the source item?

we have a custom Item type called "Buyer" and OOTB item type "Document"

There is a relationship type "Buyer Document". So when there is an update with the related Document to the Buyer item, the latest "Document" is getting updated to the Old "Buyer" revision too. how to prevent the item being propagated.?

For example : Buyer Doc 1.1 <-> Document 001.1

Buyer document is updated to Buyer Doc 1.2 <-> Document 001.1

Now the Document is updated Document 002.3 and the old Buyer Doc 1.1 linked to the latest Document 002.3.

How to stop upward propgation and downward propagation of linkage , we want to do it manually link the respective Document to the buyer doc,

  • Hello,

    This functionality is controlled by the Behavior of the relationship. By default, all relationships are created with a behavior of Float which means that the related item of a relationship will always point to the most current version of that item. However, you can change this behavior to be Fixed which means that it will always point to the same version of the item as when the relationship was created.



    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer