Roadmap for Self-Service Reporting

Does anyone know what the roadmap for Self-Service Reporting looks like?

From discussions with Aras, there are fixes and major enhancements coming for this tool. I cannot locate information about this on the Aras Roadmap anywhere.



  • I don´t know the roadmap, but it would be interesting to know which Aras version you tested? SP15?

  • We are currently running V11 SP10. Upgrading to V11 SP15.

  • I don´t know the roadmap, but maybe the release notes helps?

    I tested SP9 and SP11 and there was still a lot of work to do regarding self-service reports. But according to the SP15 release notes, there is a new hope!


    "Self-Service Reporting
    The Self Service Reporting feature has been improved to fix a number of critical issues identified by Subscribers. Additional improvements related to performance and usability have also been included in this release."

    Haven´t tested SP15 SSVC version yet, but the release notes contains douzends of topics related to self-service reports.