Installation of PQB Package for Process Quality linking between MPP and QMS in Innovator 11SP12

Is there an updated version of the Process Quality Binding (PQB) package available that corresponds to Innovator 11sp12?

I have already installed Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP) version 11.0R3 and Quality Management System (QMS) version 11.0R2. I found version 11.0R1 of PQB on Aras update but that does not seem to work because 'not the correct version of innovator'. Is there an updated package already available from Aras that can be manually isntalled? I fnot when can we expect an updated version of PQB on Aras Update for automated isntall?



  • Hi Sachin,

    Installing PQB 11.0R1 via Aras Update is not currently supported for 11SP12. If you try to download PQB from Aras Update, it should download an install guide document to the following directory:


    That document contains instructions as to how to install PQB manually.


    Andrew Johnson

    Software Engineer for Aras Labs