Innovator license - Service pack

Hi, I have recently installed Innovator SP14 and I used a license key from the old SP12 installation (which I think was probably a mistake). I only noticed that the actual version was SP12 after doing some work. Now I would like to make sure that I migrate to the SP14 version as efficiently as possible (without having to redo the work and ideally without redoing the installation). Here is what I'm supposing ;
  1. I don't see a reason why I have the SP12 other than using the old license key.
  2. If 1. is accurate, then changing the license key without having to reinstall Innovator would solve my problem (not sure if that is possible).
  3. If 2. is not possible, I suppose I would have to export all my work, redo the installation using an SP14 key and reimport the work.
I would appreciate anyone able to shed some light on these points. Cheers, Mohamed