Content Modeling

Hello! I'm having problems with the import of "Content Modeling". I'm adding to the PackageDefinition the Forms, the ItemTypes and the created relationships in the ItemType from the Referenced Type in the Element Binding, as well as the Content Modeling it self. The export is fine. But when I try to import, I get an error that an "ItemType with this name already exists" for every Element or Property type. Has someone encountered this kind of problem and can you suggest a solution for it? Thanks. Emi
  • Hi Emi,

    When creating and exporting packages that include CMF Content Types, it is important to keep in mind that there may be RelationshipTypes that are automatically created during the CMF process. These RelationshipTypes should not be added or exported. Doing so will cause import errors. Section 2.6 in the Content Modeling Framework Guide document on the Aras Innovator CD image has an example.


    Eli Donahue

    Aras Labs Lead Engineer

  • How do we make edits to these auto-generated types?  For example, I have an ItemType which is not in our packages (because it is auto-generated as part of the CMF), but I want to add a Server Event to it.  I'd like this change to be in our repository, but if the ItemType isn't exported/imported, how do I make changes?