MPP installation issue in Aras Innovator11SP12 - part classification structure

We had a modified part classification structure (over and above the default set of Assembly, Component, Software and Material, I had introduced extra subclasses for products/machines/ tooling, to help the designers segregate the different kinds of part that we use in our company. However since MPP installation requires the default class tree, I eliminated the customization's and restored back to the default 4 types without sub-classes. Even then the MPP installation fails. In a test server however, even though there were 2 extra part types added, it still managed to install the MPP application. I checked the validatePartStructure log in the scripts folder of the MPP installation (in ProgramData/Aras/ArasUpdate/MPP....) the class ids of the part types match identically to the one in the test server where MPP installed. In spite of it, it says part customization's observed and therefore cannot install MPP. Can anybody help with how to resolve this? We really need the MPP application to set up our MBOM.
  • MPP doesn´t require the default class structure, but it will overwrite it during the installation process. In our case I modified the import package and added our own class tree.
  • Good afternoon,

    How and where  did you modify the import package?  

  • I don´t remember all steps, but there are few things to consider. The MPP Import packages contain a few folders named "Fixes". One of these fodlers contains a Part.xml. This one overwrites your defaut Part classification.

    What you have to do is to merge (!) your classification with the MPP classification. MPP needs the Phantom and the MBOM category. 

    1. First you have to get your own Part classification via AML or SQL. You need the text that is used in the class_structure property in your ItemType.
    2. When you use a multi-level classifcation, try to understand how the property works. It´s an xml like structure. If you corrupt the structure, you will get into trouble. 
    3. Merge the missing MPP classifications to your own class_structure string. I am not sure, if you can use the new classes as Sub-level classes. I used them at top level, just like it´s done in the default configuraiton.
    4. Edit the Part.xml to use the new classification string

    Try this one in a testdatabase first! I do not guarantee that this information is correct.

  • Thanks!

    Out of curiousity, do you have an 11.0SP12 instance with MPP installed that can publish MPP process plans to PDF or HTML?  We are having issues with the publishing/conversion server looking for 11.0SP11 dll's (6812 instead of 6920).

  • We use 11.0SP11, publishing service works fine. I remember that there are certain codetree files that contain information about which version shall apply. E.g. ConversionServer -> web.config -> scroll to bottom -> bindingRedirect property indicates version

    But I would recommend asking the support to help you there. I would not recommend to change these files by yourself. I am not sure, which additional codetree files are related to this values.