how to complete multiple tasks from My Inbasket page?

I have 100 of activities/ tasks to be completed and I would like to complete all the activities in one go. Is that possible?
  • Hi selvlennox, That functionality is not available out-of-the-box in Aras. Users can only work on a single activity/task at a time because each one may have a different checklist, different vote options, and/or different signoff requirements. Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Hi Selvlenox, We have developed a GitHub project for similar requirement and it is in testing. I will provide link to the Git Hub repository once it is ready for release. I hope project will be available by Friday. If there are multiple workflow tasks which are similar (originating from same Workflow Map), you can select all of these and perform any action like cast vote, comment, delegate, refuse. Whatever action you perform will be applicable for all selected workflow tasks.  
  • Hi Selvlenox, Here is link to Git Hub Project CompleteMultipleWorkflowTasks Let me know your feedback.
  • thank you..i have a doubt could you please tell me how to export the custom document item type and it's related forms? i exported the forms but could not export custom item type with it's attributes...i want to know how to select the custom item type to package definition in order to export..thanks for your help my friend.
  • Steps are really same to exporting form. Go to ItemTypes in TOC and select Item Types to be exported. Add them to Package Definition (Tools -> Admin -> Add to Package Definition