Office Connector and Windows authentication

Hi, We have Aras + Office connector installed. Office Connector worked ok until we turned Windows Authentication/Single Sign On to the server. Windows Authentication works ok for normal Aras login, but when Office connector is contacting Aras - it doesn't allow users in. Office connector is still asking password (and it is able to read the Database list - so it has connection to the server), but it doesn't let users in (gives 'Authentication failed for [username]'. I have gone though Office Connector manuals & Windows authentication manuals - but couldn't find any reference to this situation. Should it work in the first place? Any hints how to start resolving this issue? Cheers, Jukka.  
  • Hi Jukka, I'm not sure whether the Aras Office Connector supports Windows Authentication. I recommend contacting Aras Support ( for more information. I'm sure they've encountered this request before. Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Hi Jukka,

    we use Innovator SP15 with Office Connector 11.0R9 and run into this issue, too while upgrading.

    Our problem was caused by OAuth Server.

    We had to change this file in the code tree: ...\innovator\oAuthServer\Web.config -> "ProtocolType" from value="Default" to "Custom" (with uppercase C!).