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Good afternoon, Should Enterprise Search index the contents of PDF files? Thanks, RIchard
  • I’m receiving errors with Ara. IOMLogin.aspx Either IOMLogin.aspx is not setup to use intergrated Windows authentication or the authentication failed. Another user has Enovia, but Aras plugin does not work. I just started at this company and first time being exposed to Ara and Catia. Please help!
  • Hi Richard, I believe Enterprise Search does index the contents of files. You can configure the ES Crawlers to handle specific file types, including PDF. Section 4.2.2 in the Enterprise Search Administrator Guide provides more detail about how to configure crawlers. If you run into trouble with your configuration, Aras Support should he able to help you out with the specifics for your system. Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Hi chernandez1288, It sounds like the issue you're experiencing isn't related to the topic of this thread. I recommend creating a new forum thread for the error you're seeing. Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Thanks Eli! I installed it last week - 3 zookeepers, 3 Solr nodes, 1 search agent and 1 search file processor. This morning it finally started showing PDF contents with the search term highlighted.  Very cool. I think I messed up some port information when setting up the Solr cluster, the Enterprise Search Installation Guide for SP12 has a few confusing parts with nodes/shards.  I will have to open a support incident and try to sort it out. 12 VM's total for ARAS is a bit more than we envisioned when we started on this adventure, but when you have the database, vault, web app/IIS and conversion server all separated the speed is AMAZING compared to a single server install.   Thanks, RIchard