Error "innovator_regular" in Aras SP12

I try create "innovator_regular" in User of Database for Aras SP12. But when I login, I get the following error: Procedure or function secured.FILECONTAINERITEMS has too many arguments specified. in SQL: /* IMPORTANT: List of parameters to be replaced before DB Function creation: [innovator].[GetFileContainerItem_ExcludeRepresentationFile] */ /*GetFileContainerItem marker*/ CREATE FUNCTION [innovator].[GetFileContainerItem_ExcludeRepresentationFile] ( @type_id char(32), @item_id char(32), @perm_type VARCHAR(32), @identity_list VARCHAR(MAX), @ip_address VARCHAR(32), @cur_user_id CHAR(32), @env_attrs XML) RETURNS @IDS TABLE(ID CHAR(32) COLLATE database_default PRIMARY KEY) AS BEGIN INSERT INTO @IDS SELECT id FROM [secured].[FILECONTAINERITEMS](@perm_type, @identity_list, @ip_address, @cur_user_id, NULL, @env_attrs) container WHERE container.[ITEMTYPE] = @type_id AND container.[id] = @item_id AND container.[ITEMTYPE] <> '21121ADEF2C64B2AB86C94371122DEFD' /* Exclude fr_RepresentationFile */ RETURN END` Can you hep me? Thank you Henry Tu
  • Hi Henry, The innovator_regular user is a SQL user required by Aras. It should be created automatically the first time you install an 11 SP12 database to a SQL server using the installer MSI. I do not recommend creating an Aras User - that is, a User item inside the database - called innovator_regular. I don't know whether it will cause technical trouble, but it's almost sure to cause confusion for admins. Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer