technical data packs

Does anyone know if innovator can handle Technical Data Packs? I was told there used to be a YouTube video for it, but it has been removed?
  • Hello, I believe the video you're referring to can now be found in our Video resources on our the Aras website here. This video doesn't offer any source code, but it does cover the high-level details of the solution made by our partner Razorleaf. It looks like this was created for an older version, but you may be able to contact Razorleaf directly to see if they'd be willing to share the project. Could you also offer more specifics on what you'd like to accomplish? I've worked on a similar solution of gathering all of the files on an item structure in the past, so I may be able to offer some guidance if you'd like to create your own solution. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer