Handle resources in Aras Project Management possible?

Hi, We have Parts/Products in the PLM, that require additional testing until the product is ready for production. We currently evaluate, what´s the best way to organize these tests. The Aras Project Management feature might be a suitable solution, as it can easily be used to schedule and define certain Activities. In our case, some of the Activities require additional resources to be completed. These can be special measurement equipment or personal to handle the tests. Some of these resources are limited and can not be used more than once at the same time (e.g. heat chamber). I have to admit, that resource planning may not be something, that is typically done by a PLM system. But in our case it would be a helpful feature, as people don´t have to leave the PLM environment for creating and planning new products. Managing tests in the PLM would also help to insure the traceability back to the requirements that are used as basis for the test plans. Is it currently possible to do some basic resource planning in the current Project Management release? Or are there any other options in Aras available that can be used for this task? Thanks again! Angela
  • Hi Angela, To the best of my knowledge, the resource management capabilities you're looking for are not supported by any standard application in Aras Innovator. We don't have any samples or community projects that cover this kind of behavior, but it would be possible to either extend the Project Management application to support this or to create a custom solution to handle this kind of resource management. The biggest obstacle I can see is your requirement for limited resources, but you can likely get around this by writing some custom logic in an onBeforeAdd/onBeforeUpdate server event. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Hi Chris, thanks for your input! I haven´t gathered all requirements for this task yet. So there is still some work to do to evaluate all available possibilities. From my current point-of-view it possible to integrate these feature with some additional ItemTypes for Resource and Booking times. Additional Methods then can provide the necessary background intelligence. More work has to be done, when the resource planning shall become more transparent and "visualized". Also Resource planning is really not a typical PLM requirement. I will see what comes out of this idea. Best regards! Angela
  • Hi Angela, I would also like to support Resource Management feature by extanding of the current Project Management solution. Did you continue on supporting Resource Management feature inside Aras Innovator? Best regards, Primož  
  • Hi Primož, Glad to see, that also others are interested in this use case! We also have a 'full featured' Project Management software in our company. But for my current task, only a limited set of the features are needed at all. So this is still a pending task. I have already made some basic tests with ItemType Activity2. I will try to upload some of these first concepts. Best regards! Angela
  • Hi Primož, here some very basic overview about my first draft: https://github.com/AngelaIp/aras-pm-resource-mgmt (Import package not included at the moment.) Features: - Adds additional ItemType for Resource Items - Multible Resource Items can be linked to Project Activities - The date range Plan Start – Plan Finish of the Activity is compared with the Used In booking date ranges of the resource (this is probably the best working part of my first draft). - If Resource is available, an additional booking time is added - If Resource is not available, an error message is returned Pitfalls: - Many various date properties are used in Activities. Which dates shall be used for date range check? - Current concept requires many additional Methods (e.g. when Activity date changes, when Activity is deleted, …) - When you open an Activity from a Project, there is no save button. So you have to save the project to do the Resource booking. - Resource booking times can be changed outside the activity. My current concept of using an own ItemType for Booking times is maybe not the best solution. It requires much additional Methods and Permission settings. Maybe there is a better way to store the values. - No visualization. Booking time should be visualized by some kind of basic calendar in the Resource. - … So, there are a LOT of things to consider. But if we never try, we will never know. I've definitely learned something already. In English, resource is written with only one s. I consistently ignored that in my sample. Angela
  • Hi Primož, I have uploaded my import package from last week -> github.com/.../aras-pm-resource-mgmt This version use Tree Grid Views for visualization. The checkDate Method is independend and can be used for various events. But it´s still just a first concept. Angela
  • Hi Angela, I went througt your solution and you defined well the basic for the Resource Management in ARAS. Good job. You added also some visualization, which is very important in my case. My use case should support the visualization as an overview of the Resource planning/spending through the projects (active or/and pending) including several filters (like: by project, by team (defined from multiple Resources), by resource, by date range, etc.). To support this use case I checked the "Resource Chart" control (Dojox.Gantt control). link: archive.dojotoolkit.org/.../test_Gantt.html Is that kind of the visualization relevant for your use case? Regards, Primož
  • Hi Primož, proper visualization is essential for Resource Management. My current screenshot showing the calender was just a quick idea. But maybe it´s better to extend the current capabilites of the Gantt chart. I made some checks in the Code tree. The current Gantt chart in Aras revers to ../Client/Solutions/Project/scripts/Gantt.html and ../Client/Controls/Experimental/_gantt Standard Aras only use a limited amount of the possible functions the dojox toolkit provides. This folder seems to contain the complete dojox.gantt options, incl. ResourceItems. ../Client/javascript/dojox/gantt I just have little experience with dojox. But I think there are many examples out there that help to understand how to use this. And I also expect, that many other Aras user would be interested in such a solution as seen in your links. Best regards Angela