Change Controlled Item

Can anyone advise what attributes for an itemtype do I need to create, so it become a Change Controlled Item? In ECR, from the affected Items tab, you can add affected item, and a search dialog for Change Controlled Item pops up, the types are Part, Document, or CAD Document. How do I add a custom ItemType, so it become a sub-type of the Change Controlled Items?
  • Hello, You can do this by following the steps below.
    1. Log in as admin
    2. Navigate to Administration > ItemTypes in the Table of Contents
    3. Add the following properties to your custom ItemType
      1. effective_date : Date
      2. itemtype : List [Change Controlled Item]
      3. item_number : String
      4. name : String
      5. release_date : Date
      6. superceded_date : Date
    4. Save, unlock, and close your custom ItemType
    5. Open the Change Controlled Item poly ItemType
    6. Navigate to the Poly Sources relationship tab
    7. Add your custom ItemType as a relationship
    8. Save, unlock, and close the Change Controlled Item ItemType
    After following these steps, your custom ItemType should now be searchable and selectable from any search dialog for Change Controlled Items. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer