I am using Aras Innovator from last few days. It works fine but today when i try to login then the pop up box shows the message that the database is not available and license key is invalid. Please tell me the solution.
  • Hi Sanu,

    When troubleshooting this issue, I check the following:

    1. The database actually exists on the SQL Server and has not been deleted.
    2. The database name and id in the InnovatorServerConfig.xml file match the name of the database on the SQL Server.
    3. The SQL Server process is running.
    4. If the database has been recently restored, all post-restore queries have been executed. It won't hurt to run the queries again if they've already been run. Check out this blog post for the queries.
    5. If the database and SQL Server look correct but you're still getting the error, restart SQL Server and IIS. Then clear your browser cache and try logging in again.

    Hope this helps.


    Eli Donahue

    Aras Labs Software Engineer