Promotion issue

Hello Guys,

Can you suggest me solution for Promotion issue for below life cycle sate create state?

Some time user not able promote(Error is No promotion is available ) lifecycle sate for above life cycle from create to Review state.

But after restarting server user able promote life cycle  . but is root causes of this issue?


Ashok Kumar Yadav.

  • First at all: Restyle it so it becomes a pentagram. That doesn´t help to solve the problem - but it looks cool and somehow fits your question.

    Second: Which Innovator version do you use?

    Third: Test server or main server? Have you manipulated the SQL db manually? (like editing the state property?)

  • Thank for reply  Angelalp,

    Aras innovator version is 12 and service pack 9

    Right now test at main server at same machine.  No  i do not manipulated the SQL db manually.