Project using team_id management the permission

Hello, I am using Aras 11 SP5, I want use the team_id to management  project permission. To use it I have : 1.Edit the form of Project, add the team_id unused property 2.Edit the Permission of project , add Team Guest,Team Manager,Team Member 3.Build Teams, adding Team Members to them but, I find the table of sub_wbs and wbs_activity2 team_id always null my team member can not see the project activity. What did I miss? Thanks,
  • For most typical item types in Aras, team_id is not automatically copied down through an entire project structure.  I am fairly certain that team_id is copied down to direct relationships (at least in 11sp12, I'm not as certain about 11sp5).  However, it is not automatically copied down to related items further down the tree.  Your best bet would be to create a server method onBeforeUpdate of the project that takes the team_id and copies it down through the whole project structure (using AML or SQL).  Doing this during project creation will be trickier since onBeforeAdd/onAfterAdd of the project will run before the relationships are created.  You can either handle this with a scheduled method, or by adding a server method to the onBeforeAdd or onAfterAdd of each relevant relationship in the tree.