How to add an external URL attached to the CAD document properties (column)?

I would like to add an additional column for my CAD documents that I can link to external URL. 

Examples URL link to the CAD PDM. 

I hope to keep 2d drawing in PDF only in the database but all the native CAD drawing stored in the PDM. 

Could anyone teach me how to do this?

I am very new, using Aras.

Appreciate if you could indicate the step in more details.

Thank you!


  • Thanks Angelalp, naotoyoshida64 and geometrydash. 

    I have find the way to add the custom property and update the form. 

    The only thing that I fail is to assign hyperlink behavior on the property added. Seem it is out of my capability now.

    Appreciate your recommendation on the online course. It will require my company to approve for the course request. Thanks!

  • Hi Magga,

    don´t question your capability just because you weren´t able to do the real hyperlink behavior. The reason is actual pretty simple: It´s right now not possible in Innovator to do these kind of 'real' hyperlinks at all as there is no default solution available.

    There are only a couple of workaround, like seen here:

    Best regards!


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  • Hi Angelap,

    Thanks for the information provided. 

    I have managed to create a hyperlink by HTML method on the form.

    Assume I have a custom variable property under item type, call “file name”

    The location of the file always the same which is at '’

    HTML script as below



    var thisItem = document.thisItem;

    var id= thisItem.getProperty("file_name","");


    window.onload = function()


        document.getElementById('url').href += id;




    <a href='' id='url' target="_blank">Click to access file </a>