How to add an external URL attached to the CAD document properties (column)?

I would like to add an additional column for my CAD documents that I can link to external URL. 

Examples URL link to the CAD PDM. 

I hope to keep 2d drawing in PDF only in the database but all the native CAD drawing stored in the PDM. 

Could anyone teach me how to do this?

I am very new, using Aras.

Appreciate if you could indicate the step in more details.

Thank you!


  • Hi Magga,

    I recommend you to visit the configuring solution training course (it´s worth the money) where you learn these kind of stuff in detail. Your task is not hard to achieve, it´s just a lot of tiny little steps necessary.

    You have to add a new custom property to the "ItemType" CAD, which you can find in the Administrator section in the TOC.
    You also has to add your custom property to the "Form" CAD.
    Ensure to use a custom marker for your own property, e.g. call your property "_url" or use a prefix that identifies your company.

    Please notice, that it´s right now not possible to do real hyperlinks in properties. There are some workaround described in this forum, but I wouldn´t recommend them to people new at Aras.

  • It seems that the answer is already here but I do recommend the things that you can take a look at. I hope that there are some aspects that have been talked about there are courses online that have been very helpful. Seeing that there are options when it comes to this kind of thing but there are a lot of pieces that have been very helpful with the things that are being taught. Hopefully, there are some aspects that can be seen given that there are people who can be talked about this kind of thing which is cool.