Need Add Some Custom Properties

Hello Guys,

I want to add some custom properties under the marked area in below image.

please help me.

Thank  you 


Ashok Kumar Yadav

  • Hello Ashok,

    I don't think its configurable. Please check out Command Bar Item


  • Hi,

    you can customize nearly everything in Innovator. But sometimes not in the database directly.

    This side pane can be customized in the codetree. I far as I remember, these two files are involved:


    Just look for entries called ItemInfo or item_info and add your own elements the same way as the existing ones.

    Write a test case for this codetree change when you are an subscriber. This is a typical codetree change that might be overwritten by the update team. So ensure to tell them that you have changed these files.

  • Thank you Jayrajvh  it's working 

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