Performance testing tools with Aras

Hello all, 

We are planning to import certain amount of data to Aras and we have created some functionalities (methods) related to that. And we would like to make some performance testing after importing the data to see that our functions/methods are able to perform. 

Any advice which tools would be good? We would need to record some use/test cases (make searches through UI, and test some other functions also as a users do) - but of course we would like to simulate the user behavior. 

Do anyone know which tools works with Aras UI and which doesn't? Any hints and tips are appreciated.

I'm not performance test expert in any meaning but I have some experience on Apache jMeter from previous projects.

We are utilizing Aras12 (SP9). 



  • Hi Jukka, 

    that´s an excellent question! I do a lot of these kind of tests, but mostly manually or with custom Methods/AML requests that simulate something. I mostly focus on server performance. Often simply use the SQL Server Profiler.

    Aras Test Automation Framework should be able to do some user simulation. But only worth when you use it for update anyway (requires additional license). Minerva DevOps shall also contain some Testfeatures, but not sure if they just focus on server testing. And there are other aspects of Minerva DevOps that I right not wouldn´t like as Admin as they make update harder.

    Have seen one user that also tried to integrate Selenium by itself. Not sure if this one is hard or easy to do. 

    @ArasLabs: Would be a perfect topic for a blog article!!!