Enterprise Search not indexing specific item type (Requirements)

I'm trying to add Requirements as an item type to enterprise search, but ES just won't index requirements and thus they are not found in Enterprise Search.

I have created an Indexed configuration with just one indexed type, re_requirement with a discovery parth of @root. There is no ES Indexed File type.

With the indexed type, I have just added just two properties in addition to the system properties that were automatically added: content and req_title with property types ml_string and string respectively.

If I look at the Index Summary, I see re_Requirement listed along with an Innovator Total count of 73, but the indexed total remains at zero.

See screenshots below.

Any ideas as to how to get ES to index the Requirement item type?

Running Standard demo system, 12.0 SP11 Build 26239

Thank you!



  • Hi Tim Beard,

    Assuming you are not getting any errors when you reset the crawlers, I think this might be a permission related issue. I would check what permission_id's are set on the requirements items in the database, on my demo database re_requirement  items are set to the permission RE Draft Requirement. Once you find the correct permission do the following:

    - Test adding world (giving it get and can discover privileges).

    - Run the reindex action found under user menu icon (top right corner) > Actions > Enterprise Search: Reindex all. 

    - Run crawlers in correct order (check the Enterprise Search Admin documentation for the correct order)

    Hope this helps!



  • Thank you Nithin,

    I also wondered about access rights and added the Aras PLM yesterday. After your suggestion, I also added World. Both discover and get rights. I also removed the ml_string property from the indexed type, just in case ES didn't support mult-language fields (I'd actually be interested to know if it does!)

    I ran the crawlers in the correct order. Unfortunately, I can't use the reindex function as the demo system seems to have a bug with it. See Out of the box ES_ReindexAll method for Enterprise Search appears to be broken

    One thing that I did notice is that all 73 requirements (and a smattering of the other items too) were listed in the column "Queue: Failed, To Reprocess". The reprocessing never seems to take place, or always fails. I have found no documentation anyway as to what this queue error means. The crawlers themselves do not register any errors.