Is Aras Flow still supported / updated?

I'm setting up a demo system and part of the standard demo from Aras includes a section using Aras Flow.

I've installed the Windows 10 app, but can't get it to log in, even when logging in from a browser on the same system works fine. I receive the error "Authentication failed for <user name>". It comes back instantly, as if it didn't even really try. Login fails from the browser take much longer to come back.

The demo mode works. Kinda.

Any thoughts? It appears that the app hasn't been updated in six years, so I wonder if it is still actively supported.

Thank you!


  • Hi Tim,

    If you're a partner there is an updated version of Flow which is distributed with the demo environment. You can find it on the FTP or the partner portal, along with special instructions about loading it.


  • Thank you AJ,

    The installation process is, however, not very "app-like"! Side-loading, installing certificates, editing the registry, etc...

    I'll run through it, but would customers have to do the same or would they be able to use the version off the MS App Store, even with the latest versions of Innovator?

    Thank you,


  • As of right now, no. We include Aras Flow as part of the Partner Demo Script so that you can show it as an example of ways that Aras Innovator could connect to external custom applications. 

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