Actions menu not working in Project Management

When I hit the Actions button in the Project Tree view, I just get a little dot, which suggests that the menu has opened underneath the search/header bar, making the actions unavailable. Any idea how to fix this?

I'm running Version 12.0 SP6  Build: 20133

Thank you!

  • Tim_Beard,

    The dot is a styling artifact, the result of a dropdown menu with zero elements in it. That Actions dropdown exists in the toolbar because there might be some action you could take based on the item you have selected in the tree- if there was, you'd see the available actions when you clicked the dropdown. That toolbar doesn't necessarily know which items you'll have underneath it, hence the presence of an Actions dropdown that (in this circumstance) has no items. No actions are unavailable to you, there just aren't actions for that item.

    As for why the styling artifact shows up as a little dot instead of something like "no actions available", that I don't have as good an answer for. More recent CUI elements lack it, so I suspect it's likely to disappear as old elements are phased out in favour of new, but I don't have any particular timeline on that.

    Skyler C. 

  • Hi Skyler,

    Thank you for the explanation! Makes sense. I'd seen a similar artefact with the Unused Properties drop-down when building forms, but had worked out how to fix that.

    I had hoped that there was an option in the Action menu to export the project tree to Word or Excel. Using the export functions at the top of the screen only exports a single line. The export to PDF is OKish, but does not allow for further formatting, or exporting from there to Word or Excel (all the text is gibberish). I've seen a export project in github, but it didn't seem to do anything for me.

    Thanks again,


  • Tim,

    This one? ( The project plan is a bit unusual, but the community project was designed for it. It should add a button to export to excel in the toolbar. If it doesn't seem to do anything, it might need updating. (It was my first community project, so I'm a little attached to it!) Do you see no new button at all?


  • It didn't do anything at all, but maybe I just needed to go through the details a bit more carefully. Now I know it's personal, I'll revisit Slight smile

    But first in 2021 as I have the next two weeks off. I'll let you know.

    I'm running 12 SP6 and soon SP12, in case that helps.

  • If my code broke, my personal pride will prompt me to fix it- I'm taking time off for the holidays as well, but I might be able to squeeze a test or two in there first.

    Thanks for the version info! Enjoy your vacation :) 

  • Hi Skyler,

    Welcome to 2021!

    I've had another look and I now have the Excel logo, which downloads a structured spreadsheet!


    After row 19, everything has a level of 0. The name in the Project Tree column is correct, but all the other rows just include "undefined", despite the rest of the project being defined within Aras. I did a project refresh and rescheduled it and a different set of rows were displayed correctly (10-26). The order of all rows is correct.

    Does the project need to be in a particular status?

    Also, re the description of the installation, I found the steps 3 and 4 confusing as my code tree already had a folder Innovator, which contained other things, so I went down the branches in your file and just replaced the projectPlanView.html and projectTree_toolbar.xml in their respective folders.

    Happy to send screenshots and other details as it's only a demo system with no customer data.

    Can one DM in this platform? I'm loath to include my mail address here as there's a bit of a spam problem on this system.