Enterprise Search on multiple DB?


i have the challenge to build one single testserver with several 12.0 SP11 environments, containing the (standard) InnovatorSolutions, InnovatorDev, InnovatorTrain and InnovatorDemo databases.

On this single Innovator Server the EnterpriseSearch should be made available in all of these databases.

How could this be established?

I've tried so far in this way:

- build a clean 12.0 SP11 setup for InnovatorSolutions DB, then made a backup and restored this DB as InnovatorDemo

- then installed ES Index + ZooKeeper services for InnovatorDemo (as prerequisite of Partner Demo env Setup), afterwards installed Partner Demo Env 12.0 SP11 to InnovatorDemo + Enterprise Search -> result: InnovatorDemo with Enterprise Search works as exptected!

- now checked Enterprise Search Installation Guide and installed in addition ES Agent + FileProcessor Services for InnovatorSolutions DB, in order to get EnterpriseSearch work in this DB too, setup completed successfully

Now comes my problem: the ES crawlers in both DB's InnovatorSolutions and InnovatorDemo indexed all items/files without errors, so far so good, but when i do a query, i get only search results in one DB, not in both at the same time?!

In detail:

- if i start ES Agent Services für InnovatorDemo at a server reboot only, then ES search results are ok in InnovatorDemo

- if i start ES Agent Services für InnovatorSolutions at a server reboot only, then ES search results are ok in InnovatorSolutions

- but if i have all services up, only one of both DB's show search results, the other DB shows 0 findings

It seems that ES ( Solr and/or Zookeeper) cannot get both Indexes run at the same time, although if only starting the ES Agent for one DB after a reboot, the index works.

Does anyone out there has an idea how to get this ES challenge solved on one single server?

At the moment i have installed ES Index in the standard ES folder and for ES Agents and FileProcessors a folder for each DB

The Solr and Zookeeper have 1 node, the Solr has 2 queues, that seems to be ok

Is it possible to get ES built on one single server for multiple db's so that search results are available simultaneously in all environments?

What is the technical sticking point here, ZooKeeper? Solr?

I am wondering about the ES Installation Guide describing that it should be possible to get it run for multiple DB's in one Innovator Instance by installing ES Agent & FileProcessor for each DB, but usually Solr/Zookeeper are not running on the same server, is this the problem?

Also wondering about the need to enter the DBname at the ES Index Setup, although i need only one index for one Innovator instance where i run multiple DB's?

Or do i need to build multiple ES installations in user-defined ES program directories for each DB? To separate ES Index, ZooKeeper for each DB? But that would be some overload on a single server having multiple Solr servers run?!

Hope someone out there could help me out?

BR Wolf