Is there anything wrong with changing the value of the alias identity name?

When I create new user, the alias identity is created too.
This alias identity name is 'First Name Last Name' order.

When selecting the identity (ex Simulation Managemant),
'First Name Last Name' order is not natural in Japan.

So I will change the value of Alias Identity name like 'Last Name First Name' order.
Please let me know if this changing have any problems.

  • Yes you can do this modification! I am not aware of any problems.

    All the items (User, Alias, Identity) are connected by their ids and not their names. So you always can change the displayed name when necessary. Typical use case: Somebody marries and then uses a different name.

    Side note: Seems like that Japan and Bavaria/Germany share this naming tradition. Many people (including myself) prefer to use 'Last Name First Name' order.

  • Thank you for the information.
    I'll try it.

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