Office Connector: Error with properties when creating document type as per ACE 2019 training

I'm going through the Student Training Guide from ACE 2019 called "Configuring Office Connector: Mapping Properties to/from MS Office Applications"

I'm following the instructions on Page 11 to create a new document type for PR (Problem Report). On hitting Save, I get the error:

The item_number property of selected ItemType has an incorrect data type

ItemType is PR and the item_number property causing the problems is Sequence out of the box, based on the Sequence called PR. I have not changed this from default

If I change the item_number property to say, string, then the new Office Connector Document Type can be saved without problem.

Is this a bug that has come in since last year? If not, can anyone explain what is going on and why using a Sequence should be a problem?

Thank you!


  • I've worked it out myself: On page 3 of the instructions, it says that item_number should be changed to string. I had missed that earlier.

    The numbering is to be performed by the Office Connector and the PR Sequence for numbering is added back in the section Create New Document Type on pages 10-11.

    Bonus tip for those going through this document: In keeping with good practice, I prepended the new properties for ItemType PR with _ to indicate that they were not system properties (pg 3 of the document). This caused problems later, at least with the external_id property, so I went back and got rid of the underscores.