Multiple form

Hello please provide procedure for custom form in Aras.Anybody have idea about how I can attached multiple forms in the same Item type. Thank you in advance.
  • Hello, The forms attached to an ItemType can be found under theĀ Views relationship tab on the ItemType form. From here you can attach multiple forms and set the conditions for when to use each one. The most common use case is to use different forms for different Classifications of the same ItemType. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Thank you Christopher Gillis. my requirement is if I'll click on particular field then related form will automatically open at right side. like when click any of relationship (if added) we can see all relationship at bottom when item is open. but I want all this relationship at right corner when new item is created. you can reply me on my mail
  • HI, i have done just that. I have created several forms fort my part. Connected them with different classifications. Almost everything works, when i change classification the forms changes, but the problem is that i cannot save the part when i have chosen one of my classification. If i save it with another calssification (builtin one) and then changes to my classification i can save it. What have i missed?