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We have a requirement for multiple active revisions being in use. I've worked out accessing the old revisions, but ARAS does not allow me to edit a revision once it has been superseded. For example, we have a model that is released and we want to rev it, eventually obsoleting it, but while that new revision is being developed, the current revision is still active and may need to have changes made to the description or documents added to the item. Where is the access to the lock/unlock functions managed?
  • Hello, The ability to edit old revisions of an item is specifically blocked through the Aras Innovator client. To meet your requirement of having multiple active revisions at one time, it is possible to implement custom versioning logic using properties and ItemType server events. For example, you could create two properties, "my_custom_rev" and "my_custom_version" to track the revision and version of your ItemTypes. You could them incorporate your custom versioning logic through onBeforeAdd/onBeforeUpdate server events for automatic versioning or a custom ItemType action for manual versioning. Chris ___________________________ Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Chris - the above scenario is very similar to a use case I have:

    1. PDF of a document is released at Rev A to the customer for review and approval.
    2. An ECR and subsequent ECN is processed, with the ECN creating Rev B of the document. Rev B could be progress through the workflow to the Released state.
    3. The customer completes their review, and returns an acknowledgement or signed front page of the document as a wet-ink signature.
    4. CM then manipulates the PDF file to incorporate a scanned copy of wet-ink first page, with the rest of the document as a normal, searchable PDF document.

    Chris, my question is how do you add the new PDF file that includes the wet-ink signature, to Rev A when Rev B (or later) may be in existence? Rev A will not be re-released.

  • Hello,

    Assuming that this PDF is going to be added as a Relationship to Rev A and not as an item property of Rev A, you should be able to manually create the Relationship item and set the source_id of that new Relationship to the ID of Rev A.

    Adding a Relationship in this way does not require editing or locking the parent item, so you shouldn't run into any issues.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Chris

    Thanks for your response. I will test the process and report the results.





    I successfully created the relationship between a non-latest Document revision and a new File object. The process was:

    1. As admin, create a new File object (Administration -> File Handling -> Files)

    2 As root using AML, create the new relationship

    <Item type="Document File" action="add">


    1. Is root the only identity that can create the relationship in this situation?

    2. Can the GUI be used to create the relationship?

    Thanks again