ARAS Email Notification - Instance name in Email body

hi, I want to display the instance of the aras from where the email notification is triggered in the body of the email which will get triggered from workflow.   Thanks and Regards, Maher.
  • Hi Maher, The two articles belwo outline how to include variable information in the body of an E-Mail within Aras Innovator and may be helpful to you. Chris ________________________ Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Hi, I would like to show the Activity Task list in the email body. I am using the below query but it shows only the top level task. How can I get it to show all the tasks for a given activity. The below query does return all the tasks when run from AML studio but only the top one is shown in the email body.   <BODY><font size="+1"> <p>You have been assigned a new change management activity in Aras Innovator (details below).  Please log in to Innovator to complete the work.</p> <font size="+0" style="font-variant: small-caps">Tasks:</font> ${Item[@type="Activity Task"]/description}</p> </font> </BODY> <Item type="Activity Task" action="get" select="description,source_id" levels="0"> <source_id>${Item/ActivityId}</source_id> </Item>
  • Hello, This question is different than the one that was originally asked. Please create a new forum post to ask your question to maximize visibility to the entire Aras Community. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer