Where used - show descriptions?

Hello When I click 'where used' on a part, I see the part number and revision where it's used in each higher-level assembly. It would be super useful to see the description (name) at the same time. Is there a way to do that? Cheers! Bob
  • that would be the keyed-name In the part itemtype defintion in the properties tab, if you look at the column "keyed name order" you will see that it has a 1 on the line item_number. Just add a 2 in the same column but on the "name" property line. And that will be it.  
  • Superb, thank you! That does exactly what I hoped. Bob
  • To jump on the end of this, is there a way to show this only on the where used, and not everywhere the part number is used?
  • I would also like a solution to this as this is causing issues around our office.

  • It´s not easy to customize the standard Where Used function. But I would recommend you use a TreeGridView as custom WhereUsed option. So you can define very detailed what you want to see in WhereUsed. In addition you avoid that people access ItemTypes they don´t need in daily life or are not allowed to see cause of company restrictions.

  • Hi community,

    has anyone ever found a way to customize the standard "Where Used" feature? The keyed_name solutions some kind of works, but it still adds Aras ootb revision scheme (which doesn´t fit the revision schema I actually use). And adding the property "name" to the "keyed_name" is also not something to recommend. 

    I discovered that WhereUsed behavior is mainly influenced by the flimsy "getItemWhereUsed" function which is unfortunately a core feature.

    Any ideas?