Mass Promote Issue

Hi , 

I have a Part Item type with the following Configuration for its Lifecycle:

As seen , I want the Assembly and Material classification to have a different life cycle from the rest of the Parts.

However when I try to mass Promote the items of either of the classification I am unable to do so.

In the LC Map  drop down If I select "Part" the mass promote functionality is working as expected.

However if i select the second Lifecycle the "Target" field remains disabled.

Has any one else faced the above issue, Am I missing any configuration , if not is there any work around for the same.


  • Hello BeginnerinAras,

    The first thing I notice is that your start state for your Part Life Cycle is listed as "Start", but the parts you're attempting to mass promote are in "Preliminary." This is quite possibly because the parts were made before you set up your new life cycle, but it means they aren't in a recognized place for your life cycle.

    The target field being disabled is odd though, because usually there would be some error. I haven't been able to reproduce that- can you show me how your life cycle is configured? I'd suggest making a very quick life cycle with two states and a transition between them, assigning that to parts the way you've done, and seeing if you can access the target field on that. If you can, that strongly points to the problem being with the life cycle and we can look at what specifically might be causing it.

    Skyler C.

  • Hi Skyler,

    Thanks for taking out the time to look into this

    The Problem arises when there is classifications involved and the user is trying to use the same life cycle for two different classifications as shown in the screen shot  :


    And the Life cycle I am using is a simple one :


    I am able to resolve this issue if I use a unique life cycle for the different Class Paths. 

    I am currently going through the aras files to understand this behavior, but I believe there is no validation for classification in the Mass Promote functionality hence the issue.

    Thanks  :)