Using Teams with the Product Engineering Solution

The Product Engineering solution includes an Express ECO (Engineering Change Order) item as well as a DCO (Document Change Order) item to manage the change process for Parts or Documents. Both item types leverage a feature that allows you to configure a set of users into a team. Teams are an easy and powerful way to group users in the Aras environment. A team can be assembled based on a specific project, functional purpose, geographic location or any qualifier you determine important. Members of a team are then assigned workflow activities and allocated permissions based on their designated role association in the team.

Teams are created by an Aras administrator and contain one or more user (or group) identities that are assigned to team roles. In the following example, a company that manufactures motorcycles has organized the engineering staff by product type. The Product Manager is responsible for the overall release of a Part (or Document), the Product Engineers are responsible for reviewing and drafting appropriate changes and the Test Engineer is able to view the active change order at any time but has no decision voting rights. The members of each team differ based on the product line.


The Aras administrator creates the first team supplying the appropriate staff members to each team and assigning a team role:


Aras Innovator is pre-installed with 4 Team roles (Team Manager, Team Member, Team Guest and Team). You can also create additional Team Roles (this will be covered in a follow-up article). In our example, the Team Manager (John Craig) becomes the Product Manager for the Off Road team, Alex Roydon and Tom Allen are assigned to the Team Member role (Product Engineers). Kay Powers has no role assignment so she is designated the role of Team automatically.

The administrator then creates two additional teams supplying the appropriate members to each team along with the appropriate role assignments.


When an Express ECO (or DCO) is created in Aras Innovator, along with assigning affected items (for release or change) the creator also selects an assembled Team in the field provided:


The selected Team is then used by the Express ECO workflow to determine assignments. The Express ECO workflow map defines the activities as follows:using-teams-with-the-product-engineering-solution-5


Once the creator of the ECO votes to Submit to Planning, the selected Team Manager is assigned to the Planning activity.

In our example, if the Touring team is selected for the Express ECO, then Ann Harris is assigned the ECO Planning activity. If the Racing team is selected, then Karen Thomas receives the assignment instead. The selected team, as well as the team role, determines the appropriate identity.

If the Team Manager votes to Start Work then both Team Members must vote in the Draft Changes activity to close the change process. If the manager votes to Submit to Plan Review first, then one Team Member is required to vote on in the Plan Review activity. In our example if the Touring Product team has been selected, then Roger and Joe will receive assignments. If the Racing team has been selected then Tim and Jose will receive assignments.

Any team member with the role of Team can view the ECO (or DCO) but does not participate in the assignments above. In our example, if the Touring team is selected for the ECO then Kevin Booth is granted this right.

The following diagram summarizes our sample configuration:


When the creator of the Express ECO (or DCO) selects an assembled team, assignments as well as appropriate security are assigned to the selected team identities based on their team role. Note that only one team can be selected for each ECO (or DCO) and that an Aras administrator can change memberships if necessary.

Organizing identities by teams is an easy and effective way to target different users in your organization that perform tasks related to a specific project, functional purpose or geographic location.

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