Email Message with Item Hyperlink


Email messages can be used to automatically notify a user that a workflow assignment is due or that some work needs to be performed when an Item is promoted to a life cycle state. You can include property values in the email message text (as discussed in a previous tech tip post) to provide the user with specific information about the current Item.

It is also possible to provide a hyperlink to the current Item in an HTML Email Message. When the user clicks on the hyperlink the Aras Innovator window appears in the browser and displays the selected Item.


When the user click on the message text hyperlink, the web browser is invoked and the user is prompted for login credentials (if not using single sign on). The selected Item is then displayed automatically for the user.



Aras Innovator provides the following syntax to open an Item from a URL address.



  • ServerName = name of the Aras Server
  • WebAlias = name of the web alias assigned to the Aras Innovator application
  • ItemType = the ItemType of the Item to be opened
  • ItemID = the 32 character GUID of the Item

Creating the Email Message

You can apply this syntax to an HTML Email message using the examples below. Because the syntax for Email Message variables differ for messages generated from a Workflow Activity versus a Life Cycle state an example is shown for each. The message text must be entered in the Body HTML
section of the Email Message.


Workflow Example

The following example shows an Email message that will be created on a server named MyServer with a WebAlias of Innovator for a Help Ticket ItemType.

<p>Item ${Item[@type="Help Ticket"]/item_number} requires your

<a href="http://MyServer/Innovator/default.aspx?StartItem=Help
Ticket:${Item[@type="Help Ticket"]/id}">Click to Open Item</a>

LifeCycle Example

<p>Item ${item_number} requires your approval.</p>

<a href="http:// MyServer/Innovator/default.aspx?StartItem=Help
Ticket:${id}">Click to Open Item</a>

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