What to Expect at Aras Connect

Many organizations continue to struggle with integrating different types of documents, processes, math data (e.g., MCAD, ECAD, simulation), and other content to fulfill their business needs. They are looking for the ability to link these different data types through highly configurable, fully describable relationships within defined, integrated data models. It takes a flexible platform that connects data throughout the entire product lifecycle to achieve such a connection over all areas of valid data models, using various mechanisms, including digital thread technology. If you are not able to achieve this kind of data connection, you have limitations in your overall system capabilities. What do these limitations typically look like?

  • When one cannot link to data within a bespoke application, release and configuration management does not include those data points unless redundant data is introduced into the release and configuration management process. This is never a good idea.
  • Because one cannot link previous service records into an upcoming product review that will be conducted using visual collaboration, product managers have limited insight into these service records for the review. To accommodate this need, again, stopgap measures are sometimes introduced to get this insight into these reviews. Again, stopgap measures are never a good idea.
  • Because one cannot link change management records over a long period of time, compliance with requirement changes over the lifetime of the product is compromised. The loss of configuration control during any phase of product design through delivery, including supply chain information, can create many headaches that require costly, manual resolution when compliance is under scrutiny. In short, loss of data connectivity is expensive and creates unnecessary headaches.

Aras Innovator’s basic architecture separates code and data such that no code development is necessary to connect any of the data that you have in your enterprise provided the data model is valid. This architecture also provides Innovator users with industrial “low-code” capabilities. All of Innovator’s services “Just work” when you connect your data structures, whatever they may be, through our data-modeling engine. This capability elevates Innovator to be the industry benchmark to achieve enterprise flexibility and connectivity for your platform needs.

On Wednesday, October 30th, you’ll have the chance to learn more at Aras Connect, a customer-based sharing event, where Aras Innovator customers will be sharing their experiences regarding the flexibility, scalability, and successes they’ve achieved using the Aras platform―from product planning through to product end of life.

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