The Wizarding World of PLM

The Wizarding World of PLM
I talked to another company today who is still hoping to find the "Harry Potter" brand PLM solution.  We hear this a lot.
They want us to listen to their problem, look it up in the Standard Book of Spells, find the right recipe, and create exactly the out-of-the-box potion that instantly cures their specific problem.  No consulting, no executive management commitment, no hard choices and decisions, and no messy organizational change negotiations.   If the only problem was CAD file management, OK, we could deliver such an instant cure for that ailment,  no magic required!   But managing CAD better is never the real business problem.
Product configuration issues,  poor quality/reliability, uncoordinated change management,  chaotic resource scheduling…these are the real business challenges.  The Standard Book of Spells does not give us a single best practice for change management that works equally well for high volume / short lifecycle consumer product, configure to order industrial equipment and aerospace model/variant long lifecycle use cases.
"But wait Peter, aren’t these available as Standard Industry Best Practices Solutions?  That’s what the other PLM sales person says I should buy.  They already have an out-of-the-box solution that not only is perfect for my specific industry,  but also for those unique engineering processes that make us competitive."
Now that is Magic!
This is why Aras is the #1 PLM choice for companies who already bought a Legacy PDM.    When you are done believing in magic and actually want to improve your business;  be ready to do some work,  make the investment, and trust in a flexible PLM Platform that can adapt to meet your specific needs.  Fast, safe, resilient customizable PLM software - for today AND for those completely unknown business requirements that will sneak up on us tomorrow.