The Time for Digital Transformation is Now! ACE 2021 will focus on how.

The Time for Digital Transformation is Now! ACE 2021 will focus on how.

The one unchangeable constant for today’s businesses is the increasing amount of change they must deal with. The acceleration of data in smart, connected products and unforeseen disruptions are causing businesses to rethink how they perform digital transformations and how they think about business resiliency.

This is our focus for ACE 2021, April 19th through the 21st—accelerating your Digital Transformation to overcome tomorrow’s challenges, collaborating to innovate across the Digital Thread, and empowering the extended enterprise to accelerate time to market for new products and drive sustainable growth.

Empowerment – How It Overcomes the Unpredictable

The constant need for change in business is predicated on unpredictable futures—i.e., disruption, Black Swan events, and the march of progress. Agility is the surest answer to this uncertainty, and is best achieved by empowering your own people—the core of any Digital Transformation effort.

Employees must understand the “Why” behind the transformation, as well as the goals and priorities to accomplishment it; otherwise, it remains only a vague idea of an initiative getting in the way of existing, pressing work. On top of this, your people need a culture that promotes continuous improvements as well as providing the tools for rapid adaptation.

Empowering Digital Transformation across the Digital Thread

Digital Thread and Digital Twin are cornerstones of a Digital Transformation, and their pairing is vital—one empowers the other. The Digital Thread has a more connected, integrated view of a product’s data when it’s virtually represented in a Digital Twin. And whether the product is an engine or an entire aircraft, the Digital Twin is an orphan without a Digital Thread. We will take a closer look at these concepts and explore the value in closing the gap between virtual and physical, as well as the platform approach for a sustainable digital transformation.

Systems Thinking – The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

At ACE, we’re going to have a panel discussion with industry experts on why a systems-centric approach is critical to managing exploding product complexity. We’ll explore how organizations leverage systems thinking to successfully transform data, tools, processes, and the role a PLM platform plays in helping to achieve their Digital Transformation objectives.

Transformations Across the Digital Thread

At ACE, we’ll demonstrate how to enable three transformations: accelerating the incorporation of new technologies into your product in design and development; collaborating across domains to quickly pivot to new markets, and empowering maintenance teams to help companies realize new business models. All with the latest features in Aras Innovator.

Acceleration with Systems Thinking

New requirements are being driven from everywhere: increased regulations, better opportunities, more competition—you name it. In response, companies are integrating more software and new technology into their products, heightening the need to consider the impact across all related systems during the design process. But this increased complexity is difficult to manage across multiple teams working with data in disconnected, siloed tools.

Aras enables companies to gather requirements from any sources and connect them with the elements of the systems model that can fulfill them. This allows model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to stay in sync with changing requirements. Further downstream, simulations can digitally verify that changes to the requirements have been validated.

Visual Collaboration

Alongside new requirements, more business opportunities are springing up, increasing the need for a platform that is able to execute significant product change throughout the product lifecycle and across different domains and teams. . Furthermore, new hardware, software, and electrical/electronic components need seamless in-context visual collaboration to enable teams inside and outside the organization to work more effectively.

Digital Twin

Aras’ Digital Twin is an exact virtual representation of the physical asset in the field. Aras will demonstrate how Digital Twins are leveraged to monitor and predict performance, plan maintenance, simulate real-world conditions, and gain useful insights to improve a company’s products in the field. This view of an asset’s performance will yield better innovations, more efficient maintenance operations, and greater profitability.

Enterprise SaaS

At ACE, we will present our new Enterprise SaaS offering. Running in the Aras Cloud, this includes SaaS delivery with container deployment, Managed Services staff to maintain the system, and Aras DevOps supporting the CI/CD process. The Enterprise SaaS edition includes unlimited customization on our enterprise-grade PLM infrastructure capable of supporting the largest, most complex PLM environments. Everything you expect from Aras is supported with our Enterprise SaaS offering.

What’s New – Aras Roadmap

We will also look at our revamped roadmap and give updates on key product initiatives and the upcoming release of Aras Innovator 14 this year.


We are expecting over 2,500 global attendees at ACE 2021, with over 50 presentations—including over 30 presentations from customers.

Join us for ACE 2021 to explore the possibilities for your next digital transformation and hear from fellow members of our community how theirs are succeeding, with Aras Innovator: the only low-code PLM platform on the market today.