Take Hold of Digital Transformation with Aras Innovator 12: Top 7 Questions

Take Hold of Digital Transformation with Aras Innovator 12: Top 7 Questions

Our most recent Demo Series on What’s New in Aras Innovator 12 was a whirlwind of the latest and greatest of key enhancements and new applications to the most flexible and resilient PLM platform on the planet! We covered updates to support any organization’s Digital Transformation efforts, including features that enhance efficiency, new applications to expand your PLM vision across the lifecycle, ways to accelerate a user’s ability to navigation and analyze data, as well as capabilities to boost your low-code application development.

During the webinar we took a journey through all the key enhancements and application releases that have occurred since the release of Aras Innovator 12, culminating in our latest open release—Version 12, Service Pack 9. This release is available to download and try, today! And our subscribers can look to upgrade, at no cost, to the latest release to try out new applications and enhancements to continue down their Digital Transformation journey.

After the demonstration, there were quite a few questions from the demo, so here are the most asked questions with in-depth answers. We always appreciate the engagement, and if you have any follow-on questions please reach out to us.

Q: Are any of these features available in the open release version of the software?
Yes. Everything you’ve seen in the demo is available in SP9, our latest open release version of the software, which you can download and try out today, with the exception of any of the connector functionality—office connector, Solidworks connectorthese rely on third-party tools we license, and which are included in a subscription. Visual Collaboration and the 3D viewers also rely on external software tools we license, which is why they’re a component of a subscription, as well. But, all the new application and new user experiences you saw are absolutely included, and we encourage you to download and try out SP9 to make a decision about upgrading—a process that is included with your subscription.

Q: How often does Aras release open versions of the software?
We try to do this roughly twice a year: so you’d wait about another 6 months to get all of the new features between this open version and the next; whereas subscribers who are current on version 12 can download those service packs and update their version of the software whenever they find those features interesting enough to upgrade!

Q: Where do I find out what’s coming next?
On our website, under Community, you’ll find our public-facing roadmap that includes features on past, current, and future releases, so as a subscriber, you can always make that call whether or not you’re ready to upgrade to the features and applications you need.

Q: In Dynamic Product Navigation (DPN), am I limited to Problem Reports, Documents, and Requirements?
No, DPN is configured by your administrator, and can connect any number of items that are related to the part itself—so, simulation data, systems models, technical documentation, manufacturing process plans, quality information, cost dataany information across the system that is linked in the digital thread can be configured to be accessed from this view. It uses our Query Builder platform service, which is used to build many of the views you see across the applications and is accessible in a no-code/ low-code way for your administrator to build these views.

Q: Can I view 3D simulation results in the Simulation Management application?
Most definitely. We have an integration with the VCollab tool, where you can store and view 3D simulation results in the application. This built-in functionality, in the viewer for Aras Innovator, is coming in a future release—but it works as an attachment today that you launch in a separate browser window.

Q: Can Graph Navigation include visuals as well?
Yes, Graph Navigation can be configured to grab the thumbnail image you have stored with the item information and display that in context with the graph data and, in fact, our standard feature, Visual BOM, does just that.

Q: In Digital Twin Core, can I represent refurbished items?
Any serialized part has a digital twin and it can be installed on other serialized parts, creating assemblies, which means that you can uninstall subassemblies, swap out their component parts, and reinstall the new subassembly on the higher-level physical product, and you can represent all of this digitally, in the Physical Parts bill of materials.

Are you ready to take Aras Innovator Version 12 for a spin?

Learn how to get started with Aras Innovator 12. Download one software platform for complete, end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management—from Requirements and Engineering to Manufacturing and Service. Our applications are designed to be customized with an easy, low-code approach you can try today.

Ready to Upgrade?
Aras guarantees and executes platform upgrades as part of the subscription, so customers never fall technologically behind. The Aras platform is designed to encourage business specific requirements by offering a strategic approach to customizations without negatively affecting the ability to upgrade. Investments made in customizations are never lost as part of the upgrade process. When you are ready to go, so are we!

Did you miss the Demo Series? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
Click the link below to hear Jill Newberg, Aras Technical Enablement Manager, as she covers the many updates in Aras Innovator 12 to support your Digital Transformation initiatives.

View the What’s New Demo Series

Want to learn more about Digital Transformation using Aras Innovator 12?
Learn more about what it takes to Digitally Transform by reading Jill Newberg’s “Lessons Learned for Digital Transformation Success” blog.

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