Publish Aras Events on Slack!

APIs are getting more and more consumed by organisations and we want to encourage you to do the same with Aras. Here is a quick tutorial on how to publish Aras events to Slack like a document or a part release, or a Problem request created which you would like your support team to see on their Slack Channel.

Create a Slack Team

If you haven't done it before Create your Slack team


Configure the web-hook

Then, Create a web-hook which will create a dedicated Rest-Point you can reach from Aras.


You can find all the information about configuring a web hook on the following link :

web hook config

The Aras Method !

Now comes the Aras part. Here is the method that I wrote for a document release. I attached it on the lifecycle transition server event to the release state. If you want to apply it on a different event, then just create a method that is attached to a different event and change the comment sent to slack. Or, you could create a generic method which takes the Item ID and ItemType and maybe some more info to make it easier to reproduce without copying the whole Rest Call everytime.

The Result

This is what I get the in my slack team after a few document releases.

slack example