PLM Internationalization, Language Translations and Demos in Japanese

If you haven’t seen the PLM Internationalization capabilities in Aras yet, then you might want to check out these demo videos by Aras Japan

It always surprises me that people don’t realize that Aras has the most robust Internationalization capabilities in the PLM industry.

Aras supports single-system, multi-language internationalization. What that means is that you have one installation for numerous languages as opposed to a separate installation instance for each language like most other PLM/PDM systems (some don’t even support multi-language at all).

An unlimited number of languages are simultaneously available in a single system running one application server. Aras supports the entire ISO/IEC 10646 Unicode character and script set representing over 500 written languages including double byte support for the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean ideographs.

The localizations are stored as data in the database. This simplifies the development and sharing of language packs by eliminating external resource files and getting rid of the need to compile code before using translated solutions.

Multi-language support includes both the solution screens and all end user data (other PLM systems only support screen label translations). For example, users in the USA see the Part Master in English, users in Germany see the data in German, and users in Japan see Japanese. And, sorting of search results can occur in the native language (collating sequence).

Aras also has a Global Corporate Clock which means that a single system installation used simultaneously by people all over the world provides each user with local time zone display, yet the system records a user's actions in one defined corporate time zone for synchronization of time & date sensitive activities. This coordinates global date and time complexity for collaborative processes such as electronic workflow signatures, program scheduling deadlines, and product release effectivity.

Language packs are available in Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese and Simplified Chinese and even more languages are currently being translated by Aras corporate community members worldwide. If you’d like to do a translation, get in touch with us (or just go ahead and do it already :-)

You can see some of what I'm talking about in these Japanese demos

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Engineering Change Workflow


Program Project Management


Quality Planning, Product Risk Management