Enterprise Open Source: Proven

Here at Aras, the enterprise open source business model is a driving force behind our company.  It influences the way we think.  The software we create.  And the community we stand with. But we still get asked, “Is this model viable for enterprise software?”

YES!  Beyond successful, the model is also changing the way global companies adopt enterprise software.

Enterprise open source is breaking the traditional, sales-heavy, slideshow promise of the past, and delivering real results faster than ever before.

Gone are the days where customers are willing to pay vast sums of money upfront for software licenses immediately following the selection process – before they’ve even scoped the project or defined their requirements.

The tide has shifted from vendors holding all the cards and customers taking all the risk, to try before you buy and let’s the balance risk between vendor and customer.

In the video below, Aras CEO and Founder Peter Schroer, explains just what makes the enterprise open source model viable, not only for Aras, but for users and businesses around the world. Take a look – it just might change the way you buy enterprise software.