Employee Spotlight: Tomohiro Tanaka, Customer Success Manager

Employee Spotlight: Tomohiro Tanaka, Customer Success Manager

Our Employee Spotlight Series highlights employees from around the world to showcase the awesome talent and personality that makes up Aras. Next up: Tomohiro! Read on to get to know more about him.

Where did you grow up?
Yokohama, Japan

What was your first or strangest job?
My first job was a Customer Support Engineer.

What do you like most about your job at Aras?
The openness and flexibility of the platform and our customer-first mentality.

What is your greatest accomplishment, work or personal?
I rode halfway around Japan on a bicycle.

Tell us a fun fact about you.
I take really good care of my jeans. As a first wash, I wear them in the ocean to help them age more quickly.

Pick three words to describe yourself.
Curious. Sympathy. Generalist.

What is one thing on your bucket list?
I want to see Aurora.

What is your favorite quote?
"Every day is a new day." - Ernest Hemingway

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?
I like bonfires.

You’re about to perform in a karaoke bar. What song do you pick?
Omen by The Prodigy

If you could hang out with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
Pierre de Fermat because I'd like to ask if he was really able to prove Fermat's Last Theorem.