Display Aras Items in a Google map

Display Aras Items in a Google map

This may sound far from the PLM solution you would imagine but I actually had this requirements a few times during selection process. I believe this was more to have some sexy views for the users but there is one customer where it was a clear requirement answering a business need to be able to select a list of items based on geo space selection.

Use Cases

  • Maintenance for Roads and Electricity Installations where sometimes maintenance & repair operation are based on geographical positions and relationships.
  • Field operation require sometimes the closest suppliers to be identified
  • Dashboard with regional KPIs
  • ...



Setup Steps

  1. Create an html page and paste the script provided in this article
  2. Save the HTML page in your install folder (ex : c:/program files/Aras/Innovator/Innovator/client/scripts/MAP/map.html)
  3. Create an itemtype ( ex: Map)
  4. Set the TOC access
  5. Set the Toc View to target the HTML page you have created ( "./" = "scripts/" so for the example => "MAP/map.html")
  6. Adapt the itemtype(s) you want to list with lattitude and longitude properties
  7. Adapt the script to call these itemtypes
  8. Go !

If you stumble upon any issue during this process feel free to comment this article.


The code provided actually contains an optimization which will only load the items that are within the boundaries of your map view. If you don't want this feature, get read of the where clause when selecting items in the viewable area.

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