Digital Twin Summer Reading List

Digital Twin Summer Reading List

As we get back to some level of normal, the doors to what’s been holding us back both personally and professionally are being opened. We have all been reflecting on what is important to us as we move forward. This includes everything from changing the company you work for, complete career changes, or those dream vacations that were put off, for reasons that may seem small today.

For those looking at what’s next, and what would make big impacts to their business, it’s time to think differently than in the past, it’s time to get going on the right approach to digital twin. So, in the spirit of what we have seen leading politicians and tech doing this year, we want to offer you our summer reading list of our favorite digital twin reads! This is a must read list for those embarking on, or in the middle of, their digital twin journey. This will also get you ready for what’s coming next from Aras related to Digital Twin, Digital Thread, and Maintenance Management, we look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months, but in the meantime, enjoy your summer with friends and family—you’ve earned it!

Summer Read #1: The Digital Twin Time Machine

Build your own “Digital Twin Time Machine” that allows you to see the exact configuration of a given asset at any time. This enables you to travel into the past using the digital thread, to understand an asset’s story as to when and why decisions where made, all the way back to Engineering! Then learn how to travel into the future using the current context of the digital twin, coupled with the digital thread, and then adding the power of simulation to improve product performance.

Summer Read #2: Putting Failure into Context with the Digital Twin

Organizations that are providing Products-as-a-Service, third-party contractors, and Owner/Operators are constantly looking for ways to improve maintenance effectiveness. The idea du jour is improving reliability and reducing dreaded unplanned downtime through predictive analysis. However, using this approach without managing the digital twin configuration first, will result in only temporary success. Learn why context is critical for predicting the failure of assets.

Summer Read #3: Digital Twins: The Landing Pad, the Toolkit, and the Palette

Get an in-depth understanding of the latest application from Aras—Digital Twin Core—as it’s coupled with powerful visualization and simulation capabilities. Start with a three-dimensional user interface to explore any product’s configuration and related information. From there, learn new ways to create larger views of your enterprise to see the connections between digital twins and the digital thread. Finally, tap into simulations used to develop your products, and create new ones, to see how changes in the product’s operation will affect and/or improve its future. See it to believe it!

So, what’s next for the digital twin you ask? For those that may have missed it, we wanted to close with a fantastic demo that is a preview of what is coming and possible with the Aras Platform related to digital twin. This demo highlights the power of the digital twin, digital thread, and simulation. This not only shows what we have to offer, but what is possible for you as you embark or continue with your digital twin journey.